At Shelbourne Pharmacy we provide a fully comprehensive prescription service, for all schemes. We provide prescriptions for private clients, as well as those on Medical Cards and other Government schemes.

Prescription Services

We work with all clients, private / medical card etc. Our staff can offer support on how to best take your medicines, any likely side effects etc. If you have any queries about your prescription, please ask.

Free Blister Pack Service

We know it can be hard to remember what tablets to take and what time to take them at. Worse, it can be difficult to recall if you took them at all that day. This is especially true if you have multiple tablets to take. Our free blister packs arrange your medicines into separate sections so you can see quickly what you have to take and the correct time to do so. Simply ask a member of our team to avail of this.

Free Delivery Service

Our free delivery service is available in the local area. Never have to collect your prescription again! To find out where we deliver to, call us today, or ask in store.

We have a private room where our clients can discuss any concerns in private. To avail of this, simply let a member of staff know.

Where can I get my prescription dispensed?

Please note that you are under no obligation to stay with or move to any pharmacy. It is your choice to use whatever pharmacy you wish to , regardless of where your doctor is, where you live, what scheme you use (GMS, etc.) or if you pay for your medicines or not.
Thank you to all our customers for choosing us.